Project Turn a School Around
• To adopt schools that are at risk in a city’s urban community
• To build a working relationship between the Church and the public schools
• To demonstrate the unity of believers to the world
• To make the most of the collaborative efforts of the suburban churches, the urban churches, the Christian colleges, and the marketplace leaders; for the purpose of providing academic and social opportunities for the under-privileged through adopting-a-school.

NOTE: Project Adopt-A-School is an initiative of Dr. Tony Evans:

Project Turn a Block Around

• To build or rebuild a city block that is in at risk community
• To provide affordable housing for the poor and disenfranchised
• To create employment opportunities
• To unify the Church’s pastors, the Christian colleges and marketplace leaders; to pool their resources to affect change in the church and in the community
• To provide jobs by utilizing the labor force of the unemployed in the community
• To incorporate the Christian Community Development Association’s model CCDA is the initiative of Dr. John Perkins and Dr. Wayne Gordon:

Project Turn the Marketplace Around

• To affect one work life at a time, one work place at a time, and one work community at a time.
• To unify believers in the marketplace
• To support our team members as they embrace calling versus career; and model stewardship versus ownership
• To use diversity management strategies in encouraging and promoting multi-racial, multi-ethnic dialogue, and full Christian commitment and contribution to the work world; At Work on Purpose and Diversity Management Strategists are initiatives of Chuck Proudfit,, and Skot Welch,

Project Turn the Pastor/Congregation Around

• To adopt and encourage the pastor and the congregation in the work of the Lord
• To see the visionary’s leadership and the congregation operate at their maximum potential
• To seek collaborative assistance from churches, colleges, and the Christian marketplace leaders in strengthening the hands of the leaders, by helping with ongoing financial and labor force assistance
• To provide the community with able leaders, who are not burdened and hindered because lack of finances and lack of physical workers.

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